Full Door Restrictor

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There have been occasions where an elevator gets stuck between floors and passengers try to get out of the elevator by either opening the door from the inside or outside and the passenger tries to jump and out falls underneath the car down the elevator shaft.

This is where the door restrictor comes in; the door restrictor restricts access to the elevator when it is out of the door zone range. This eliminates the possibility for injuries or fatalities. The main point of the door restrictor is to restrict access to the elevator cab when it is outside the door zone to prevent injuries or fatalities. When the elevator is not in the door zone, it is very important to have trained personal on site to assist in the rescue.

There are two types of door restrictors

product-erestrictorElectronic door restrictor

This door restrictor is tied into your door existing door systems and is installed on the top of your elevator cab. The restrictor is set up so that there are sensors in the hoistway that operate the restrictor’s plunger. The plunger ultimately is what disables the doors ability to open and close.

product-mrestrictorMechanical door restrictor

This door restrictor is hooked onto your door operating clutch, which is apart of what opens and closes your hoistway doors. It is purely mechanical functioning system.

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