Full Door Protection Unit

Full Door Protection Unit 2016-11-29T12:46:34+00:00

A full door protection unit is an elevator entrance protection devise that eliminates the traditional manual retracting safe edge. The unit uses up to 154 detections beams to continuously scan and detect obstructions within the elevator door’s path. If the detection beams are broken it will automatically open the elevator door instantly, without touching or harming passengers.

Another great feature is the full door protection unit to detect people or objects in a three dimensional manner. Meaning it will detect an obstruction if it is approaching the entrance to the elevator.

This devise is great for buildings with slow moving people, delivery people, hospitals and where heavy equipment is used. Even in residential settings it is a great feature to have.

Benefits include

  • Increased safety
  • Reduced wear & tear on the elevator system
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced shut downs
  • Reduced service interruptions
  • Complies to all new and old codes
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