Elevator Power Units

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The submersible hydraulic power unit is a very important component of your elevator system. The power unit is responsible for raising and lowering your elevator. Colley Elevator’s hydraulic power units are custom built in our machine shop with the latest in technological advances.

  • Increased reliability – existing power unit consist of many interacting components and parts such as valves, pumps and motors. As hydraulic units age, these components wear, resulting in greater potential for shutdowns and associated downtime. Some older power units use external pumps and motors which will begin to leak as they age. Leakages will reduce the effectiveness and efficiencies of your unit. Replacing all these components at the same time with a new power unit can improve reliability, reduce downtime and eliminate leaks.
  • Quieter operation – the Colley Elevator submersible power unit features a submerged pump and motor unit that are inside of the tank and substantially reduces noise from operation. Easy Access – The hydraulic unit is designed so the valve is mounted on the top for easy access and adjustment.
  • Improved performance – The new power unit will be custom engineered to meet buildings specific needs. Colley Elevator power units will improve pressure control which will result in more accurate operation, leveling and consistent floor to floor times.
  • Increased efficiencies – The new pump/motor combinations will increase your elevator’s ability to save your building on power with the increased efficiency level it provides.
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