Elevator Controllers

Elevator Controllers 2016-11-29T12:18:24+00:00

The control system is the brains of the elevator system; it communicates with all the many components involved making your elevator function  properly. Colley Elevator works with all major non-proprietary suppliers of control systems on installations. Our long term relationships with these vendors allow us to pass on better prices and be more experienced than many other companies.


  • Reduced shut downs, nuisance issues
  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Increased levels of safety
  • Installation of updated Fireman’s Service provisions
  • Installation of ADA components
  • Capital improvement

Our goal in presenting a modernization quotation and/or explanation to have you understand why it is necessary and what all is exactly going to take place. Control modernization is a very complicated process and if done incorrectly can be a large head ache.

With that said, we are more than happy to come out to your building, Condo meeting or other theatre to present our recommendation via print outs, power point presentation or walk a through in other buildings we have recently completed.

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