Cylinder Replacement

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Replacing your single bottom jack cylinder with a double bottom jack, tapeĀ  coated cylinder installed in a PVC liner almost entirely eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure. Colley Elevator excels at this type of cylinder replacement.

Elevator safety codes are changing and depending on what municipality your building resides in, you may be told that it is necessary to either give proof you do have a double bottom jack or replace the current cylinder with a double bottom jack with a PVC liner. As mentioned above, we go one step further by installing a rubberized tape coat on the cylinder.

In many cases Colley Elevator has the facilities to fabricate the cylinders saving on downtime with out substantially increasing the cost to the building owners. This allows us to have your elevator up and running within a few weeks if the building experiences cylinder failure. For buildings with only one elevator or in need of emergency repair quickly we do not need to wait for a third party to fabricate a cylinder, we can do it in house with our certified welders and machining equipment.

If you would like more information in regard to testing your hydraulic system, installing cylinder failure indicators or replacement of your cylinder, please contact a Colley Elevator sales consultant.

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