Cylinder Life Jacket

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With elevator systems becoming older and older it is very important to understand the issues related to underground piping & cylinders and what kind issues could occur. While not very typical there have been cases of catastrophic failure in the Chicago land area which have resulted in major injuries and law suits.

Replacement of they cylinder/underground piping itself is a major expense, there is an alternative to remove the possibility of catastrophic failure from your elevator system. It is the Adams Life Jacket. The Adams Life Jacket is designed to have a have a solid-state control/sensor component detect sudden downward movement of the elevator and immediately grasp the plunger, preventing the elevator from falling. It shall activate automatically and shall not damage the plunger, even with repeated settings. It shall be activated by an over speed in the downward direction or by lack of voltage to the DOWN coil when the car is traveling the down direction.

There are certain limitations as far as which elevators can have this installation. If you are interested in hearing more about the Adams Life Jacket or other cylinder monitoring devices please contact the sales department at Colley Elevator Company.

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