Braille & Safety Signs

Braille & Safety Signs 2016-11-29T12:57:38+00:00

Installation of new braille & safety signage that are required by you national elevator code can give your elevator the necessary compliance as well as a fresh, updated and informative look.

New Braille enables sight impaired people to safely negotiate around the elevator system. Some of the Braille when originally installed wasn’t very functional, therefore, not very helpful to visually impaired people. The new ADA code calls for Braille to be a certain size and installed at a certain for maximum utilization.

Installation of new signage will update your elevator and ensure that it has all the necessary emergency instruction. Fire Service, emergency phone and evacuation signage are all installations that will give your elevator system a updated and informative look.

Please contact your sales consultant for particulars about your municipalities adopted code.

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