Elevator Maintenance

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Elevator maintenance is essential to the smooth and reliable functioning of your building’s elevator system.

Colley services all types, all brands & all ages of elevators. No matter what make and model your elevator system is, we most probably have successfully serviced and/or maintained over our last 110 years in business. We also service many proprietary elevator systems.

Colley’s differentiator is that we have manageable route sizes so the elevator mechanic can make it to your building and perform maintenance, we excel in communication, we complete your annual testing on time and 98% of service calls can be performed the same day and do not require overtime.

When deciding with a vendor and/or program please take into consideration that your elevator’s reliability depends on the support and services of your elevator maintenance service provider. Colley strives at protecting your investment with proactive maintenance programs to meet your elevator’s needs.

Whether Colley Elevator services your elevator systems or not, we cannot stress the importance of consistent maintenance and communication. Poor maintenance can compromise performance and cause occupant complaints that require premature modernization. Poor communication does not allow the decision makers to have the correct information to make good decisions for their building.

Regular, on-site preventive maintenance has several benefits:

  • It provides a higher level of reliability by addressing issues before they result in shutdowns.
  • It extends the service life of the elevator by replacing or repairing parts before they cause additional wear on other components.
  • It allows for better financial planning by smoothing expenses rather than incurring unplanned repairs.
  • Reduces liability and possibilities for elevator accidents with regular visits to make sure the elevator is working safely.

Read more about our elevator maintenance programs here.

Feel free to contact us to set up a no obligation, free survey of your equipment. Our sales department can access your elevator system and make elevator maintenance and equipment replacement recommendations.

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