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Colley Elevator History

Colley Elevator was founded by Mr. C.B. Colley in 1908 and was primarily a servicing company. The elevator industry grew with the building boom in the Chicago area, Colley Elevator expanded their technologies. The company shifted gears and was almost exclusively specializing in new construction at the time. This began our long term relationships with our customers. Many companies now recognize that these long term relationships are necessary for success, this has been important to us all along. Most of our new customers to this day, when we come in to do a job their company can’t do, or is over priced, like; modernization, cylinder work, etc, they see the attention we give. After seeing this, more times then not, they ask Colley to stay as their vendor.

Relay logic was the main source of control systems in the 1970’s. Colley Elevator met the need of their customers by converting to the latest technology of micro processor solid state control systems in the 90’s. In 1986 Colley made the move from Franklin Park to Bensenville to accommodate its growing operations.

We service & maintain several thousand elevators in the greater Chicago land area. All of our equipment is non-proprietary systems, diagnostic systems are not needed to program our systems or solve in problems. What this means is when a company installs a proprietary systems, if you ever want another company to service your elevators in anyway, they either cannot, or it will be very expensive. We choose not to do this simply because it is not fair for anyone to be stuck with a company if you do not want to be. It is simply unethical behavior to trap a client!

Colley Elevator Company is the oldest independent elevator Companies in the Chicago area. While our competitors have sold out to larger conglomerates, Colley has maintained its independent integrity. Our personal relationships with each customer is a testimonial to this integrity you won’t get from a larger company. We have maintained our on going 109 years of successful service in the metropolitan area. Get in touch and let Colleys reputable service go to work for you!

Key Personnel

Ray Zomchek
Ray Zomchek has a degree in metallurgy and mechanical engineering from IIT and began his career at Gallaher & Speck in 1959 as a draftsman. Ray moved to Colley Elevator in 1963 to do drafting and engineering during the construction boom of the late 60’s to mid 70’s. In 1973 he became partner at Colley and moved the company to its present Bensenville, IL location. Ray is very knowledgeable and experienced in resolving difficult cylinder issues and is frequently asked for advice from other elevator contractors, consultants and building owners.
Dennis Jedd
Dennis Jedd started in the elevator business in 1972 as an apprentice with Haughton Elevator Company. Dennis spent his early years at Otis working in the projects of Chicago learning maintenance and repair, fireman’s service add on panels and machine work. He then moved to Colley Elevator Company in 1983 to do new construction and maintenance. In 1996 he moved into the superintendent role and headed the modernization & new construction department as well as being the head troubleshooter. Dennis is a Qualified Elevator Inspector as well as a State of Illinois, and State of Indiana licensed Elevator Inspector. Dennis has experience in all aspects of elevator construction, modernization, service & repair and maintenance.
Craig Zomchek
Craig Zomchek is the Business Manager at Colley Elevator Company. He began working summers in 1996 helping out in the back of the shop; in 2000 he began working in the office full time while finishing his undergraduate degree at DePaul University with a double major in Marketing and Management. He went on to obtain his masters in business in Strategy, Execution and Valuation as well as Marketing. Craig has also attended electrical engineering, electrical construction, electrical code and NAESA elevator code training. Craig is a licensed elevator inspector in the State of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. He has experiences in all phases of the business and is 100% focused on customer service. He excels in taking the complicated tasks of understanding an issue with a buildings elevator and putting it into terms a non-elevator industry person can understand. Craig was recently elected president of the NAEC, the largest vertical transportation association in North America.
Cory Kojima
Cory Kojima started in the elevator business in 2000 as an apprentice with ACM Elevator Company. He went through the NEIEP educational program during his apprenticeship and passed the elevator mechanics test. Currently Cory holds a State of Illinois mechanics license, Qualified Elevator Inspector license as well as a State of Illinois licensed Elevator Inspector license. Cory has experience in all aspects of elevator construction, modernization, service & repair and maintenance.
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