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Colley Elevator was founded by Mr. C.B. Colley in 1908 and was primarily a servicing company. The elevator industry grew with the building boom in the Chicago area, Colley Elevator expanded their technologies. The company shifted gears and was almost exclusively specializing in new construction at the time. This began our long term relationships with our customers. Many companies now recognize that these long term relationships are necessary for success, this has been important to us all along. Most of our new customers to this day, when we come in to do a job their company can't do, or is over priced, like; modernization, cylinder work, etc, they see the attention we give. After seeing this, more times then not, they ask Colley to stay as their vendor.

New Product/Upgrades

Elevator Modernization


Please find a small selection of the many new products that Colley Elevator Company offers. If there
is a part/product that is not represented on the website, please feel free to contact us.
Solid State Motor Starter
Elevator Phone
Emergency Lighting & Alarm
Full Door Protection Unit
Door Restrictor
Braille & Safety Signs
Cab Interiors
Emergency Battery Lowering
Cylinder Replacement
Cylinder Life Jacket
Elevator Cab Pads
Keyed Stop Switch
Let us come out and survey your equipment to do an analysis of the current elevator equipments ability to service your building in a safe and reliable manner.
We can come out to your building, Condo meeting or other theatre to present our recommendation via print outs, power point presentation or a walk through in other buildings we have recently completed.
Explain safety, efficiency, capital improvement benefits and the entire process of the modernization project.
December 21st – 2016 – Colley Elevator awarded modernization work in Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Addison, Skokie & Chicago
November 7th – 2016 – Colley Elevator completing 2 car traction elevator modernization at Moody Bible College
August 25th – 2016 – Colley Elevator awarded hydraulic elevator modernization for MCA.
March 7th – 2016 – Colley Elevator awarded elevator modernization at Dominican University's Fine Arts Building & Caughlin Hall.
January 13th – 2016 – Colley Elevator awarded 5 Oak Brook Club 2 x car hydraulic elevator modernization.
December 15th – 2015 – Colley Elevator awarded New Trier Township hydraulic elevator modernization.
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Metal Shop


Colley Elevator has been installing and maintaining elevator equipment of all types and all brands for 101 years. We have knowledgeable sales staffs that are nationally recognized elevator inspectors, mechanical engineers and business professionals. As an independent firm we understand each building owners needs and can cater their project or maintenance program to meet and exceed their expectations of an elevator contractor. We are a proud member of IUEC Local 2.
We have a fully equipped modern Machining Shop, which has a mix of Big Pipe machinery and Manual machines, giving us the capacity to meet your needs. Always on the cuff of tomorrow’s technology today, our staff has developed exceptional metalwork skills and diversifying expertise over the past 100+ years.
Inclinator Home Elevators are individually designed; hand crafted and uses the most advanced home elevator technology. We are still family owned and focused on delivering the highest quality and most reliable home elevator. We believe that’s why there are more INCLINATOR elevators in homes across America than any other brand.
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